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When you need a new commercial HVAC system, 25 tons and under, the professional HVAC technicians at Panhandle Heating and Air are the experts to call. We offer a great selection of 25 tons and under commercial HVAC systems, and we excel at a number of different commercial HVAC services. For quality commercial HVAC systems repair, maintenance, installation and indoor air quality, you can always count on us.

We have plenty of training and hands on experience with commercial heating and cooling, and we are happy to help you maintain comfortable temperatures all year long with the greatest efficiency possible.

The commercial HVAC experts at Pandhandle Heating and Air offer quality repair, installation, and maintenance services throughout the Panhandle of Florida.

A lot of business owners are on the lookout for more convenient and more efficient air conditioning systems. Heat pumps are tough to beat in both cases. Capable of heating your facility as well as cooling it down, heat pumps use the heat transfer process in order to keep your building comfortable with truly impressive energy efficiency.
Much like standard heat pumps, geothermal heating and cooling systems can keep your home comfortable year round. They also utilize the heat transfer process, but draw heat from the ground rather than from the air surrounding your home. Geothermal heating and cooling is a great way to heat and cool your home in an eco-friendly manner.
If you don't have the space for air ducts in your building, don’t worry: you can still enjoy the benefits of whole facility cooling from a quality air conditioning system. Call now to learn more about the benefits of ductless air conditioning. There is nothing better than keeping your building cool with confidence throughout the hottest time of the year.
There are a lot of components in your air conditioning system that you will never see, let alone interact with. Your thermostat, of course, is a very notable exception. Make sure that you are able to cool your business in a manner that suits you by using the right thermostat for your individual needs and preferences.
Of all the ways in which to make your air conditioning system more efficient and effective, few are as beneficial as zone control systems in Florida. Don’t bother cooling your entire building when you only want to keep one area comfortable. With a zone control system you can finally take true command over the way in which you use your air conditioning system.


Services overview

  • Commercial Heating & Air

    Commercial Heating We understand that it is very warm for much of the year in this area. This does not mean, though, that you do not need a quality heating system to keep your clients, tenants and employees comfortable during the coldest time of the year. We excel at commercial heating in the Panhandle of Florida, so contact us today Continue Reading...

  • Commercial Thermostats

    One of the most important components in your commercial heating and cooling system is the thermostat that you use to regulate its operation. You cannot hope to use your commercial heating and cooling system effectively and efficiently without the right commercial thermostat. Let us help you find the one best suited to your needs....

  • Commercial Indoor Air Quality

    Many commercial property owners fail to realize that the quality of the air within their building is every bit as important as the temperature is. Without great commercial indoor air quality, you cannot hope to make the great impression you wish to on your clients, staff and customers. Let us provide you with the outstanding commercial indoor air quality products Continue Reading...

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